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Cooling P3V4X clock gen

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Feb 17, 2001
How do you get the damn thing to stay on?

any thermal glues that I can use?
my voodoo 3 has a heat sink glued on. What did they use.

Thank you for your time and have a good day
I've never tried sticking a heatsink on a clockgen (though I've read about it of course) but you should be able to do the same as with anything else.... I used Artic Silver Thermal Epoxy for my Vid card HSF and ramsinks, it works really well (in fact once it's on don't try and ever take it off or you could damage the chip). There's also the old trick of putting thermal paste on the chip, but leaving two corners bare and putting super glue on them.
yep the thermal paste and super glue is working rite now holding on a huge HSF on my northbridge and it can be removed if you had too as to where the thermal glue well then its on for life, I have also used JB weld to hold a HSF on my video card which also works well. but now i'm using double sided thermal tape on my HS for my clockgenerator but this post did remind me of the fact that i should change this out for super glue and thermal compound it would really suck if the HS fell of and shorted out my MB.
thank you for the info.
Just a little dab of super glue in two corners sounds easy.
Thank you it seems to have worked. I let the glue cure over night.
I have not been able to do true testing. but a little 3D mark and prime 95 at 140 FSB has been fine.
I could not get over 138 before. I thought that the memory sucked and that was my prob.
My mem does suck and it may be the next thing to get changed. Before I could boot at 140 but it would lock during 3D mark. It ran fine this time.
thank youall for your input.
its only the old rev. of P3V4X that needs cooling on the clockgen...
I used some termalpaste, superglue and a sawed-off piece from a 486 heatsink to coold mine...
If you got the newer rev. of P3V4X, dont bother.