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Cooling Putty on Heatsinks

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New Member
Jun 10, 2001
Do you get better hear transfer if you remove the putty in a heatsink and cover it all up in thermal grease (instead of rubbing theremal grease all around it in the heatsink)

I have an AMD Althon 1000 MHZ processor and a CPUFANDP56H51 cooling hs/f by Cooler Master
Almost any thermal "grease" has a better heat transfer than that cheap "putty" or pad. Remove it and use some of the good stuff. With thermal paste or grease it is a less is more thing. Just a thin layer on the die of the processor is all you want. If you have to much then you get other problems.
Yep Ridenow is rite also by lapping your coolermaster to 600 grit will help out too mine was not even close to flat and after lapping and some radioshack compound its not doing a bad job, if you plan to overclock i would recomend a better HSF combo the coolermaster line is towards the the bottom of the food chain when it comes to HSF's its working great for me but Intel CPU's do run cooler then AMD.