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Cooling Question

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Jun 2, 2001
I have a simple question i been reading about case cooling and i notice temp for CPU usually around 32C i decided to see what i got and in bios it told me CPU: 62C and Motherboard: 36C... i currently have ASUS A7V mobo and Duron 700 Cpu... i have Thermaltake Chrome Orb as my Cpu fan and i have 2
more fans in front and back of my puter... should i get new CPU fan sicne this temp is like 2 times higher what i see on all cooling tutorials and so on.

and my mobo is set to jumper free so i didnt set any voltages ... maybe i should set everything to custom ? if so to what for 700 duron on Asus a7v.
yes that is pretty warm I would look at some different cooling options like new heat sink and fan I had a golden orb and It didn't seem to cool my amd cpu worth crap but that's just my experience
Two words: ORBS SUCK. Take that thing gently off of your CPU, and get a GlobalWin or Alpha HSF. Apply some Artic Silver thermal paste, and you'll see a dramatic drop in temps.
in my experience the a7v's cpu temp measurements are a bit high, but either way your temps are waaaaay too high. thermaltakes orb coolers are great for slower celerons and pIIIs, but don't cut it for socket a processors. have a look at the main page for millenium glaciator reviews and news. then scrape together some cash and buy one.. if it's too expensive, then have a look at the globawin fop38 and wbk38.. both excellent value for money and a damn sight better than that orb!!