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cooling questions???

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Apr 12, 2001
Ontario, Canada
First i would like to ask all who own 1GHz TBirds and above to state your temperatures, the reason for this is i called the store that sold me my mobo and cpu and they told me that the everyday normal temp for a 1GHz TBird should be 50-55C, mines 58C with a Coolermaster HSF. Ive read several guides and heard from users that the norm is 35-40c.

My other very important question is if i say ran my cpu for about an hour with my temps at 77C, after that hour i smelt something like burning plastic, apparently my FAN power cable was badly connected(i missed this DOH) It boots fine and can go into Windows with the temps at 77c. I just want to know if i damaged my chip or anything by leaving it this long?

Answers are greatly appreciated
if it still works you haven't damaged it, but consider yourself extremely lucky. You don't want a Tbird to ever get above 70C. 50-55C is a normal temp, but not a good one. 35-40 is an incredible temp on a 1ghz Tbird if you are aircooling. I would get a new heatsink immediately as coolermasters are awful. The Sk-6 or Glaciator are good heatsinks. Even a golden gate would be an incredible help.
William (Jul 27, 2001 03:41 p.m.):
if it still works you haven't damaged it.

Like angels singing its music to my ears, thankx for the help and for the advice on the cooling. ive also been looking into maybe buying a mc-462 or Glaciator, or maybe the cak38, once again thanks