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Cooling recommendations for my new system

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Mar 21, 2001
Ive been buying new components for my computer with the intent on overclocking, and cooling is a major concern. Here is my current setup:

Asus K7M 200MHz FSB mobo
AMD Tbird 1 Gig 200FSB
448 MB Micron PC100 SDRAM
13 Gig Maxor 7200 RPM HD
Sound Blaster 64 Sound Card
Voodoo 3 2000 Vid card (dont laugh)

So far for cooling i have the following:
power supply fan ( i think its 2.5 " blowing down)
2, 5" fans mounted to the side panel (blowing in)
a 4" fan set below PCI slots (blowing out/back)

what i dont have is a processor fan/heatsink, but i havent powered on the computer yet (im away on business untill april 6th) baught tbird and mobo from pricewatch a week ago... I want to go with air cooling rather than water (mainly a $ concern) any URLs or comments would be helpful.

Or if you live live in the GA area and want to help me make sure i dont fry the rig when i power up ....

[email protected]
The Globalwin WBK-38 or FOP-38 are the best for the money. The Fop 38 is about $20, the WBK-38 is the newer version of the fop-38 with wider fins, its about $22. The Alpha 6035 with 38cfm Delta rocks and is $30. Check out
Wicked 3d,
What kind of case (Mid or Full tower) are you using. If you have room at the top of your case, add a 92mm or 120mm blowhole fan to suck all that heat that is rising in the case.
I used to live in the Peach State and it gets hot and humid down there.
How bout them Dogs!!
Watch your total airflow. You should have a slight overpressure of airflow. Just a slight more coming in that moving out. Try to almost balance it out. Most intake fans are restricted that really reduces the actual cfm it supplies into the case.

I don't know how new you are to this and I hope that I do not offend you but I would like to say not to turn that computer on until you get a HSF for the CPU just in case. For a HSF I went with the Swiftech 462A. It is the best out there that I have seen. They are a little pricey and can be load with the 80mm Delta fan that they come with. If you do purchase this one make sure to spring for the rehostat so that you can adjust the speed of the fan. It helps a lot on controling the noise. The Delta fans were on backorder but it appears that tthey are in stock now. You can check them out here:
the MC462 doesnt mention my motherboard (asus K7M) as a mobo that will accept the larger size it mentions the Asus A7V, Abit KT7, and Intel's P4 reference board.

Pat: I run the two intake fans from the red power leads (lower voltage) and the outake fan with the yellow (higher voltage) leads. The fans are quite loud even on the lower voltage and push a large amount of air, i got them from a friend who works on generators (they are brushless fans)
Im not offeneded at all, this seems the logical place to learn, although i was hoping for a newbie help forum... Im not sure what HSF is, but ill soon find out. A friend who runs www.teknuz.com shameless plug (hardware reviews and overclocking) got me interested in overclocking.

Im a gamer primarily, and i want to do what i can (cost effectively) to increase rig performance.

This is a major upgrade for me, like i said i havent even installed the mobo and processor yet as im away. The guts in the above mentioned case is a celeron 333 circuit city NEC rig, and i cant change any settings on it, no jumpers no CMOS options.

This is my first venture into overclocking, so i plan on taking it slow and mathodical. Im away on business untill the 6th of april so im using this time to plan out the instillation and setup from the ground up.

I must say that im pleasently surprised from the general attitude of this forum, most gaming forums flame noobs looking for help
The persons here try to help. I would have to say this is the best forum I have been to. Skip and Daniel do not take too kindly to flamers :D
I have to echo YahooDave's post, because it bears repeating. DO NOT turn on the computer without a heatsink/fan on your CPU. By the time your computer gets done running BIOS setup, your CPU will be toast, literally. AMD states that it takes about 15 seconds to kill a T-Bird without cooling.