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Cooling temps of mine. Are they any good?

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May 15, 2001
I just built this system.......Kt7a MOBO, duron 800mhz processor, Not overclocked, (yet). The board came with a "coolermaster" HSF and I don't know the model #.

Anyways.......Motherboard Monitor says I am getting 35 to 40 C (stays around 36c) and my case temp is the same, with the via chip itself staying around 22C.

Is this good, bad, normal..........and what are the temp limitations of the duron????? Thanks
for idle temps yes there are a little high have you lapped your heatsink? are you using the thermal tape that came with that heatsinkfan [HSF] if you cant get arctic silver 2 get some radioshack thermal compound and that will help to get your temps down, do you have good air circulation through your case? i would definaylt run 2 fans in your PC 1 with air blowing in usualy in the front of case and 1 in back blowing hot air out. if your temps were at 36C after playing games for a couple of hours i would say there not to bad.

Are those idle or under load? 36-40C with aircooling isn't bad, and actually, anything under 50C is not a cause for alarm.
BTW, From personal experience, I don't really think that Coolermaster HSFs are very good for cooling AMD chips. I think 1 or 2 may be on the AMD list, but their cooling properties are barely adequate.