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Cooling the GeForce 2 PRO ?!?

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New Member
May 28, 2001
I have a Geforce 2 PRO and its been running at 127F/53C is this hot for this card or what ? I have been experimenting with an extra fan on the card its a 80MM apollo fan. I have found that putting the fan on the back side of card and i found that the temp dropped 6C! that to me is amazing for holding a fan next to the card.. What is the temp of your card.. ? I feel concerned about this.. Thanx
I have a G-force 1 ddr and the back side of it gets HOT I don't know the temp cuz I'm too stupid to go out and get a temp probe but I cant keep my finger on it. I replaced my stock HSF with a gorb ... yes that Gorb with a g and now I'm working on putting a HSF on the back side. I have an old ppro HSF that is about 3/4 of an inch thick and about 2"x2" with 2" fan on top of it.

I'm also going to put some sinks on the ram but I don't know why they are never warm to the touch. Oh well at least Ill have them made by the time I can afford a g3 then ill just switch them over.

BTW this is what I'm making my ram sinks out of

It was way cheaper than the ones you can buy. This site has a lot of other really cool stuff btw.
More case fans?
u might want to put holes in the side of the case to get better air flow.
Yea i am pleased with the font side of the card it come with a massive heatsink fan combo that i like alot.. The problem is the back side.. I got the fan that i want to attach to my card but mouniting is the problem ,.. I cant find out how to mount it. About the cooling fans i have two 92mm Fans in the in side of case blowing right onto the Card/Processor. This helps a little but i think ducting the fans would be better?