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Cooling the prescott....

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Apr 25, 2002
hey guys, umm ya i know the prescott's run hot!!! (and by hot i know you guys mean HOTTTTTTT) and i know water cooling is reccomended... but i also know that a high end air cooling rig has similar effects as a water cooling rig (well a low-mid range water cooling rig). My question is this...
i'm building a new rig.. (as most of you already know) and up till now the northwood was what i was looking at... (but as those of you who know me. knew) the northwood's only would keep me eye for so long, so recently i've been starting looking at the prescott's.

Couple of questions:
First question...the stock hsf on the prescotts, do those cool them well? If not do they cool them enough so that the average joe who buys one and slaps it on won't have a problem?

Second question, would a thermalright sp94+ a tornado cool that baby? (it would most likely make me deaf). This question also comes with a follow up question... would a sp94 + any fan that pushes about 30cfm cool the prescott well?

Finally... should i just go water cooling! (i mean it's a big hassle and going to be tough to fit everything within the antec super lanboy...)


Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
DD, I'lll try to answer some of your questions since I've had two Prescotts so far.

First off, the stock heatsink is not much good for overclocking. They do work ok at default speed. They now have a copper inlay on the botton for better heat transfer, but they won't handle anything more than a very mild O/C.

I have a SLK-947U which is the SP-94's little brother. They actually cool similarly, although the SP-94 is a little better. I was able to overclock my old 2.8E up to 3.4 gig on air with a Delta CPU fan and lots of case ventilation. I have not tried my new 3.0E on air. Watercooling will allow 200 to 400 MHz more of an overclock.

I'd still recommend a 3.0C (which I also have). These things are great overclockers. It does 3.75 gig easy on fairly low voltage and runs so much cooler than my Prescott. If you stay with air cooling, the Northwood will be quieter.

If you decide on the Prescott and a Tornado fan, you can always get a fan controller and use a lower O/C for everyday usage and then crank up the fan to full gale force to play games or impress friends. Word of warning though, the ladies don't usually like noisy computers.