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Cooling tips?

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New Member
Jun 24, 2001
I was hoping someone may be able to give me some tips on getting my CPU temperatures down, or give me some comparative information if they have a similar configuration. My temperatures seemed high a few weeks ago so I bought a new case, new fans, etc. but they don't seem to help much. Here are my system specs:

AMD Athlon Thunderbird-C 1.333GHz CPU (running at 10x133MHz; AXIA Y stepping)
ASUS A7V133 (BIOS 1005)
Lian-Li PC-60 Aluminum Case
PC Power and Cooling Silencer 400W ATX Power Supply
3 x Sunon KD1208PTB1-6 80mm Fans (replaced stock Lian-Li fans, 2 are front intakes, 1 is rear exhaust)
Taisol CGK760092 Heat Sink (lapped to a mirror finish)
YS Tech FD1260257B-2A 60mm Fan (replaced stock Taisol fan)
Artic Silver II Thermal Compound (followed the directions at www.arcticsilver.com for installation)
Hercules Prophet II Ultra (GeForce2 Ultra)
Toshiba SDM-1402 DVD-ROM
Plextor PlexWriter 12x10x32 CD-RW
IBM 75GXP 75GB Hard Drive

After running 3DMark 2000 continuously for 30+ minutes my CPU temperature is reported on average as 57C, and my motherboard temperature is reported on average as 31C. These measurements were taken using Hmonitor (www.hmonitor.com), and correspond to what is reported in the BIOS if I reboot and check the temperatures. I measured the temperature a few inches in front of the intake fans to be on average 26C.

As for any potential air flow blockages, I have removed the bottom drive cage from the Lian-Li case for the time being. I have flat cables right now that I am considering replacing with round cables, but they are tucked away and I doubt they affect air flow much since they really aren't in the path between the intake fans and exhaust fan.

If I can get my temperatures down some, I am hoping I can run my CPU ~1500MHz. I have done some experimentation and it seems quite stable at 1466MHz (11x133Mhz), but starts to become unstable around 1500MHz (11.5x133MHz, or 10x150MHz). On the other hand, I don't want my computer to be super loud just to squeeze out a few extra MHz.

Any help or information is appreciated. Thanks!

I,m suprised that your temps are as high as they are my first 1g tb would run super hot so i ended up taking it back as the excess heat was unusual, this may not be your problem but i thougt i'd add it in. As far as rounded cables go you can do it yourself, search back a month and you will see a post about making homemade rounded cables after making them you may see a few C cooler but not what your looking for. From what ive read most people running AMD's that are overclocked really high well there running water cooled setup's to get those higher MHZ out of her.

OH just thought of this what size power supply are you running? for your setup 400w is about the normal size.
im running water. its quiet and gets the job done well but i was getting some funny temps and it turned out to be my waterblock wasnt on there quite straigt also i wouldnt put a whole lot of faith in your mobo's thermistor its probably reporting the wrong temp