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Cooling with a waterblock and a HSF

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Mar 7, 2002
San diego or UC Davis
I have been thinking about adding a HSF onto my waterblock. I know this won't give me any performace gains, but I'm wandering if it will hinder my cooling at all. I would be doing it mainly incase my pump fails. I think overclockers.com had an article on it a while back but I can't find it. Thanks for any info.
may be bad

i believe i read somewhere it could be a bad thing, if your case temp is higher than the temp of the water coming into the waterblock. that could happen if you have your heatercore/radiator outside your case and it lowers the water below case temp. instead of giving off heat, your heatsink could actually be collecting heat from the hotter case air and transfering it to the waterblock.

i doubt this would cause a whole lot of difference though, and i can see how it would help in a failure of the pump. but i've had my pump off and it seems to take a while before it would get hot enough to burn the cpu.

i would try running it without the pump on and see how long it would take to get to a somewhat high temp. then try it with the heatsink on. always keep a good eye on the temps though, obviously. that would be the best way to know.

I think your 100% right, I still havn't found the article yet, but I do remember it talking about the fan actually trapping the heat near the CPU. Before I go purposly overheat my CPU, had anyone actually ever tested to see how long it takes for the CPU to over heat with a pump turned off. I have a Dual mobo so I'm a little cautious since I generat a little more heat into the water.
Tests at other sites show that this just doesn't work too
well. Your case temps may go up and the noise, too.

As for emergency backup cooling if the water pumps
fails...unknown....IF you can set your BIOS to shut
down on overtemp.
cack01, I've read a few comments that people have
forgotten to turn the pump on. In most cases, especially
at CPU idle there was no problem. The bigger WBs like
the DD Maze2 seem to have more safety margin.