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Cople of SMP questions...

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Apr 11, 2002
D.C. Metro
I know that no two chips will OC the exact same, so how does this play into SMP rigs?

If I have a dual proc rig but I am stupid and use two different speed CPU's ho will my system react? will it even run? or will it run, but just at the lower cpu speed?

Just curious as my friend is thinking about OCing his HP SMP riig.

I'm not sure about running the processors at different speeds, but from what I've seen, people run them both at the highest speed the worst overclocker can achieve. So if I have two 1700+ chips, and one runs 2300MHz, while the other one tops out at 2100MHz, then the highest I can go is 2100MHz for both. I don't think boards will run them at two different speeds, which would certainly account for my observation. If you're starting out with, say, a 1700+ and a 1900+, I think you'll have to pin-mod or blow some bridges to get them both to run the same multiplier. I don't know what you'd do with Xeons. Somebody will, of course, have to verify what I've said, but I think it's true.

Zach's right. Despite the fact it's dual CPUs, there's still only one clock generator. You're limited to the speed of the slowest chip. Running them at two different speeds would require two different buses... in essence, two totally different computers working as one, instead of dual processors. I don't know if this is even possible.
Some boards will support dual CPU's of different speeds and lower the faster one, to the the lower one's speed. (one MP2000 and one MP1900 will run as dual MP1900's.)

This is one reason that genuine Athlon MP's are unlocked, for instance.