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Copper Block, Aluminum Radiator, How much trouble am I in.

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Dec 26, 2000
Tulsa, OK
I have the above stated combination in my system for 6+ months using water and Red line water wetter and see no problems. But someone told me that I was getting the battery effect and that it would eat itself to peices. So I took it all apart and see no damage other than normal oxiadation. And the water wetter says it provents the battery effect. So am i safe. Or do I need to spring $50 for a copper radiator? Any help would be great!
No need to spend more $ on a copper raidator. Flush the system out and refill with deionized or distilled water, waterwetter (2 x recommended amount) and 10-20% by volume antifreeze. This should protect you for a full year at least. I try to flush out my systems at 6 months. Cheers!
With WaterWetter you're all set. You don't need the anit-freeze unless you're more than moderately cooling your PC (ie, water goes below freezing point).
Just to be on the safe side, you can add some pump lubricant, which contains anti-corrosives. This is available in most auto parts stores
Just suggesting the extra antifreeze for the additional anti-corrosive properties, to be on the safe side...