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Copper Block, Aluminum Radiator, How much trouble am I in.

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Dec 26, 2000
Tulsa, OK
I have the above stated combination in my system for 6+ months using water and Red line water wetter and see no problems. But someone told me that I was getting the battery effect and that it would eat itself to peices. So I took it all apart and see no damage other than normal oxiadation. And the water wetter says it provents the battery effect. So am i safe. Or do I need to spring $50 for a copper radiator? Any help would be great!
I've covered this befor. What you're talking about is called cathodic erosion. And since you have two dis-simmilar metals emersed in an elctrolite theoreticly you could get pitting. In real life as long as you're useing some kind of anti-freeze you shouldn't have any prob. If you are really worried you could just throw a small chunk of zinc (sacrificial anode) in your storage tank.