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Copper coils...

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Apr 16, 2001
Are there many of you out there that are using copper coils as your radiator? Iwas thinking of coiling it so that it would be 3" diamiter and putting it inside a 4" PVC pipe with a fan at one end. Assuming I can get 50ft in there, the surface area would be 4.9 sq ft. Just wondering if anyone has tried it and found it competitie or better than a regular rad.
I have gone that route.....
to be honest it didnt cool as good as i thought it would. granted the picture you at my web site is an old one, since then i have a larger water tank and im using a large heater core with fan behind my system. the coils just couldnt compete with the heat buid up
It looks like you only used about 10ft of tube inside your case... I'm planning on anywhere from 20-50 ft enclosed in something special that I'm working on.