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Copper Heatsink Showdown!

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Jun 30, 2001
http://www.amdmb.com has a comparison between most of the copper heatsinks out. It is interesting because it lists the price and the performance difference between the current top cooling sink at the moment. This moment it happens to be the SK-6. The surprise is the Akasa Silver Mountain. My friend just got one, an let me tell you.....this thing looks better in person than it does in pictures! It is very well made, and the silver plating is very thick on it. The numbers show it only 1.7degrees Celsius behind the SK-6 and a little better than the $80.00 dollar Swiftech..... Ouch!! You can take this comparison with a grain of salt.......it seems everybody's numbers show someone else's HSF as the best. But....... I may just take a climb up that Mountain!!

Pretty good review, but it left me confused. First, it said it used VIA HWM to measure temps, which means the in-socket thermistor, then it says it also used a ribbon thermistor slip-in against the core and a digital doc. The temps reported did not specify which method was used to arrive at the temperature readings. I'll assume the high was from the digital doc and the low was from VIA HWM. Also, who runs their Tbird 1.0, 1.2, 1.33 at a miserly 1.2Ghz? I wish they had cranked it up to 1.5 Ghz.

Lastly, and this is a well know Hoot Rant, they tested the MC-462A with the wimpy Sanyo Denki fan instead of the Delta Focused Flow that the MC-462A was originally designed to use. They didn't seem to mind using the 38cfm 60mm Delta for all the other HSFs, why not the 80mm 69cfm with the MC-462A? I'll tell you why. It would have kicked all the other HSFs butts.

I had never seen that new Zalman. Finally, they have the fins in the right plane! ;D