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Copper reservoir- where to find one

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2000
New Jersey
I've been trying to find a copper reservoir for my water, cause I think it would work well to get out some the heat in the water in addition to the radiator, especially if the outside of it was insulated, and you attached a peltier to it. So far I have contacted online metals to see if they will sell me a copper box of the size I chose or suggest the materials that would best suit my needs. Opinions/comments?
I think this is a great idea. Maybe if its high enough, you can have fins protruding out the top of your case for better cooling and have them also extend into the water for even better cooling. I have seen at hardware stores copper sheet ( maybe too thin though) that you can possible use to make one. If you can sweat or solder copper plumbing pipes (its really not that hard) then you can make it. I hope you post pics of your creation for all to enjoy here.
Mudguts, I love your sig!

I have lots of copper sheet, a bending break, and plenty of experience soldering. If you give me the dimensions you are looking for, I can tell you what it would cost to fabricate one.

I have soldered before, so I could build it, but if it could be one solid piece I wouldn't worry about leaks. I was think of putting it on the lowerside of my case, and like you said, have fins protruding on the inside, a peltier (like 2 85w pelts) with a big *** heatsink on them, one large enough to have a 120mm fan. Or even without the pelt and just have fins on the outside and a fan would be good too. And yes, pics will be posted! (as soon as its done of couse!) ;)

Hoot- I was thinking 6"x5"x4", cause that would fit well at the bottom of my case.