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Copper Shim cooling question

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Jan 11, 2001
I guys I have a Celeron 600 cC0 running at 900 Mhz and use Motherboard Monitor and a Radio Shack temp thing to measure teh temp, and I wanted to try adding a copper shim so I got some arctic Silver II and spread it over the whole Gorb bottom and then placed the copper shim around the CPU core, I looked and looked and looked but I couldnt tell if the CPU was making solid contact with the Gorb, so I took it off and the CPU has a thim layer of Silver on it so I decided to leave it and try it like that.

Im getting readings of around 28-33 now from idel to full on usage so should I assume everythign is ok, or is there a better way maek sure that there is a good amount of heat disapation going on?

What were your readings prior to installing the shim?

The shim is not designed to increase cooling efficiency but to give stability to the HSF, so that the likelihood of you clamping it down on an angle, and breaking the corner of the CPU, is greatly reduced.
As long as you have that thin layer of Artic Silver, you should be fine. In the future, when you apply AS, put both surfaces together first with it on one surface, then remove the HSF and see if you have even contact. This will help you judge if you have good contact.