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Copper vs Aluminum

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Mar 10, 2001
Cleveland, TN
I'm sure I've read this somewhere at some point in time, but can someone remind me of the performance difference in these 2 metals?

I'm going to build myself a watercooling setup and since I have a chunk of aluminum handy thought I'd practicce drilling on it first.
Go with the aluminum if thats what you have. Generally aluminum blocks are 1-3 different than copper depending on design. Play with the aluminum and see what works. You can always get copper later on. You might also try looking on the front page for aluminum versus copper block tests.
well copper dissapates heat faster. most good haf's have a copper center and the outside is alum. the really good coolers, have a med thich copper base with thin copper fins.
my water block has a copper alloy insert, and a anadized alum top. (the cpufx Z4)
This reminds me of the design discussions we have had in
a couple other threads. Aluminum is a whole lot easier
to work with than copper. True, it has more thermal
resistance, but this may not be an issue for you.
Make the base of the block thin. You might go down
to 3 mm or so before flexing is an issue. ALso design
the water channels for turbulence. Feed the water
into the block over the core and out the sides.