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Core 2 OC pcie hassle

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New Member
Apr 18, 2022
Greetings everybody.
Id like to ask for advice of pros, thankfull for every little help
I got a p5k premium w e8500 and 8800gt+ 6gigs of symetrical ram(2+1 in channel)
My problem is that when i push fsb to >=400 the pcie link goes to x1 no matter what i do,
333-399mhz runs x16 no prob.
Maybe am just dumb and dont tinker w the options in bios enough but i couldnt find anything that i considered would help the problem, looked for pci strap/ frequency but no such option happens to be present, turned the spreads off...
Thanks in advance for every little help, appreciate it.
PS: sorry for "bat englisch" :)
What program are you using to read your PCIE link speed? Do you have anything in the other PCIE slots even X1? I have 2 core2 Quads :GA-P43T-ES3G, Core2Quad Q9650 3Ghz,A-Data 960GB SSD,Win10Pro Hyper 212 EVO ,Ballistix Sport 16GB Kit with a XFX RX460 and a GA-P45T-ES3G,Win10,Modified Xeon Quad E5472 3Ghz @ 1600MHZ to fit 775 board, Ballistix Sport 16GB Kit and XFX RX460. I looked at my GA-P43T-ES3G with GPU-Z and it is showing 8X@2 even though the board is capable of 16X@2. I may be because I have a USB3 adapter card in my X1 slot.
if i remember correctly when you push the fsb speed high it can require the north bridge voltage increase to make the pcie and everything happy.
I believe what Wagex said is correct, I had to raise my north bridge voltage from 1.1 volts to 1.2 volts to get 4 sticks of memory to work at 1600mhz on my GA-P43T-ES3G, Core2Quad.
Could be a combination of NB voltage, and strap settings. are you trying to clock with 266, 333, or 400 strap?

I liked 266 and 333 myself. I think. Its been a long time. I've been getting the craving to play with my old 775 system.. just gotta put it together. Its been about 5 years since she was last powered up.
I have my GA-P43T-ES3G, Core2Quad Q9650 as a secondary in the living room on a KVM switcher with my main rig. I use one monitor,keyboard and mouse and switch between them. If I am rendering something on my main I can switch to the Core2Quad to do other stuff! The GA-P45T-ES3G,Modified Xeon Quad E5472 is in the back bedroom, use it to play DVD's, videos and surf. They are eleven years old and still getting it!!