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Core 2 Quad temporary OC (Veterans Needed)

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Nov 15, 2016
So i had a fx8120 PC that i was running but the motherboard went, so for a temporary solution untill i upgrade i'm using a

Core 2 Quad 9400 2.66 (when unstable i dropped the multiplyer down to 6 CPU wasnt the issue) http://ark.intel.com/products/35365/Intel-Core2-Quad-Processor-Q9400-6M-Cache-2_66-GHz-1333-MHz-FSB

P45T-C51 (FSB limiting factor?) https://ca.msi.com/Motherboard/P45TC51.html#hero-overview

8GB 800mhz Ram (1:1 ratio so its at 800mhz at 3.2 clockspeed)
(im running 4gb for testing since i have 2 matching sticks but im gonna try and swap out ram from a old PC that matches)


(quite a few hard drives and a bottlenecked SSD)

i've been unable to overclock it stable past 3.2

i'm wondering what i would need my NB, FSB, & CPU voltages to roughly be

and what clock i can expect since it seems to vary board to board (considering the OC switch im hoping ill get lucky)

and theres options for CPU/pcie clock drive and cpu/something skew, cant find much information

im hoping someone with previous experiance will give me some useful advice

and this is a old computer i saved it from garbage day because the case was IN-WIN and i realized it was custom built
i'm basically using this as a temporary solution until i upgrade my CPU and motherboard when Zen comes out and price to performance hopefully improves
seeing my 970 running at 30-40% on some games just brings tears to my eyes
PS: Im aware my CPU is hot in the picture i haven't moved my 212 over yet


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I'd check out the guide...each pc is different as far as what voltages are needed for each cpu. But checking out the guide gives you a fundamental idea on the process including voltage ranges and temperature limits. A good read while you wait for detailed help... and honestly is plenty to have anyone get started in the meantime. :)

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The guide will really help you understand what you need to do.
You'll need to keep an eye on that board too, IMO it's not made to push a quad very far. It's really weak where it counts in the power delivery section
Good catch Johan, yikes...

Is that board 3 total phases none of which are heatsinked? Not something I would overclock on, honestly... or if you insist, I would get a fan blowing directly on those components (VRM).
one other thing i notice is that it seems high load it will be stable but crash when i end it, so ill run prime 95 and its fine till i close prime95.

also. theres plenty of airflow on the board betwen a 120 fan the PSU and the heatsink blowing down
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What heatsink are you using? it better be DIRECTLY blowing down around the socket because your PSU fan isn't relevant in the first place and one 120mm exhaust fan won't cut it. What about intake fans for airFLOW?
its not the stock heatsink, i replaced it with one a bit bigger,about twice the height and slightly bigger fan blows downward. when i add the 212 ill add a fan blowing downward (things dont feel overly hot on the board my AM3 board ran hotter)
at 3.256, on prime95 small FFT it hits 70,
but i still gotta go back and see if i can lower the voltage
would the reference voltages effect the crashing when the load goes from high to low?
Dram timings, if i alter the ram timings manually it wont boot, even if i make them the same as bios memory Z. and the ram timings are tighter then they should be. 6-5-5-15 when their 400mhz spec is listed as 6-6-6-18

any ideas?
There is no XMP options listed in my bios

XMP seems to be for DDR3 not 2
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No they don't you're going to have to set i manually and if that won't work blame the board it's not an OC board
DDR2 had XMP.

If you board doesn't have the option, like Johan said, you will have to set the speeds and timings. Again, it's not really an overclocking board so you seemingly are missing that option.
ok well when i googled XMP the first 2 things to come up say

XMP Profile is a redundant term, as XMP stands for eXtreme Memory Profile, an Intel specification for DDR3 RAM timings.

and intels site that says

Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (Intel® XMP) allows you to overclock RAM including compatible DDR3/DDR4 memory

so i just assumed it wasnt for DDR2
my issue is that when i loosen timings the PC wont boot, even if i set them manually to match
JEDEC profiles, i feel like theres something wrong with them considering manually making them match makes my PC not boot and they are running fine when my sticks adjust to a tighter timed stick i put in
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Maybe it didnt...lol

Anyway, post screenshots of cpuz. The first tab, memory tab, and spd tab..
heres CPU-Z the only one with 5-5-5 timings is the 4th


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Do you have two different sets? or 4 random sticks? You could try running the CL6 set in slots 2 and 4 alone rebboot see if it adjusts ram timings then insert the other set into 1 and 3. Your memory is mixed that's the biggest problem
it wouldn't boot after i set the timings manually to match the timings listed from the matched set, i used 2 sticks to get it stable, i only added the other 2 a day or so ago but i left them since they didn't affect stability haven't adjusted anything since

the only instability i have is if i go from 100% load to like 1% load it tends to crash if i lower the CPU voltage, and i went at a lower FSB and was able to get the ram higher then it is now, so im thinking FSB, im not overly concerned with my PCs longevity, i got it for free and im useing it to tide me over untill i upgrade, i read somewheres that sometimes 45nm get a lower FSB voltage then the bios says

1 & 3 are a matched set
2 & 4 are not, 4 is the same brand but 2 has the same timings

the memory isnt the biggest issue, i was doing my OC testing with a matched set of 2x2gb
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If your goal is to go faster at this point you'll need some NB volts IMO. You're running 4x2GB sticks which add load to the MCH(NB) does your bios have a monitoring section? It might give you the current NB voltage there so you know where to start.