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Core i5-750 system - moderate overclocking at 3.4GHz - cool and low power PC

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Aug 3, 2010
Aurora, Colorado
Right on all count's except for Load Line Calibration.....in that case it varies from manufacturer to manufactures....there is no standard, and they each take their own stance on their methods of implementation. Some only effect, vdroop, some effect both vdroop & vdrop, and some even overvolt a bit). :thup:

Whether or not it's dagerous or causes dagerous spikes is all speculation, and theory. Very few have done any actual investigation into it.....until Bobnova wrote this very interesting peice last week:

Personnally, I think our best metric of the dangers of LLC are user reports of CPUs dieing. And in that regard I haven't seen any specific trends until the 32nm CPUs hit the stage. They seem to die pretty easily, although I have not seen anyone draw parrallels between their deaths and the use of LLC. But I have head plenty of reports of users using LLC on 32nm chips for months without problems. :shrug:

Their's nothing wrong with being overly cautious though :salute:

Thats what i was confused on too before, including that review from Andtech. Many still claim its not worth using on the Core i7 and Core i5's. It did benefit the older E-series and Q-series... that i know. So much conflicting information until you test it for yourself...


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Aug 29, 2007
So much conflicting information until you test it for yourself...

There really isn't any conflicting information.....theory says it's bad, real world results don't. I don't think many people disagree on those points.
Where people disagree is when they look at the theory, and assume it's 100% equatable to real world. ;)
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Jun 18, 2003
San Diego
Interesting thread. I'm looking to build a similar system with a similar overclock sometime in the next couple months.