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core i7 6850k overclocking

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Jan 26, 2017
im tryin to get my cpu to overclock but i cant seem to get the cpu ratio to change in the bios, if i use manual settings. if i use xmp settings my computer will boot at 4.0ghz but i can really seem to go past that o/c. did i just get unlucky with the cpu?
my current system specs are as follows
i7 6850k watercooled (heatkiller 3.0)
rampage v edition 10
32gb kingston hyperx memory, 3000ghz
psu 1200axi
gtx 980
asus xonar d2x
toshiba ocz rd400
:bang head
What have you done voltage wise on the cpu? Can you post cpuz screenshot of the first tab, memory, and spd please?
i had the core voltage up to about 1.3 but set everything back to auto, because it was getting pretty fustrating. theres a lot of options on the overclocking tab, ill see what i can do about getting a screen shot. i couldnt get the cpu ration to change, not sure if that was just becuase it was a stable overlock but the cpu ratio just wouldnt go past 36 or 38
working on gettin those pics


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Those pics are sideways..

Hmm...check in the bios to see system agent and i/o voltage are at. Maybe set them to 1.25 and 1.2
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srry about those pics, didnt realize that till i posted them, they were showing up normal on my pc. let me see what i can do about the memory, i was under the impression that it was suppose to run at 3000mhz, i might have something set incorecttly tho
no worries, i went into the bios and the cpu system agent voltage is currently set to .809375v and the cpu input voltage is set to auto. i havent messed with any of those settings yet
At 4.2GHz with 3000 ram it will need about 1.3V cpu voltage and 1.2V SA + 1.15V IO. Can be a bit higher or lower. Broadwell-E processors require higher voltage than Haswell-E and they're not overclocking really high.
I guess there are OC profiles in BIOS which you can try but I'm not sure how it looks like with Broadwell-E on RVE-10 ( my brother has now RVE but with 5820K ). On ASRock X99 Taichi I have 4.2GHz profile which is max while for 5820K CPU max was 4.6GHz at similar voltages.

Next thing is that at 100bclk it's sometimes easier to OC. Try manually set 100bclk, x42 cpu multi, x30 ( 3000 ) memory clock and keep XMP enabled. Voltages as above 1.3V CPU, 1.2-1.25V SA, 1.15-1.20V IO.
is there any benifit to setting everything to manual rather than using an xmp profile? also i was doing some research becuase i keep getting a bd error code when tryin to o/c so i think i need to mess around with s/a and io. im not really familiar with these voltages, on my old 2600k i was able to get it up to 4.8 ghz with only messing around with the bclock and cpu ratio. lots of settings on this new mobo

- - - Updated - - -

currently using an xmp profile core temp is reading as frequency 3999.94(124.99x32) vid 1.2521 temps are around 26to29 under load
XMP will set better timings which you probably won't be able to set manually ( or it will take some time ). Auto settings are usually worse than XMP but all depends on motherboard.
When you enable XMP but set everything else like memory clock manually then memory settings will be adjusted based on XMP/SPD tables programmed in the memory.

One more thing which you can try but as a test because motherboard will probably set something too high. Leave all voltages and memory timings at auto, disable XMP but set memory clock manually to 3000 and CPU clock to 4.2GHz. If it boots then read what voltages motherboard is setting. If it won't boot then set cpu voltage to 1.35V and check again.
When you make it boot then change settings making small steps ( lower voltages, add memory settings etc ).
so i tried to start my pc like you said just setting the memory to 3000mhz and the cpu clock to 4.2ghz, but it would boot. so i set the voltage manually and it booted right up. also i set the cpu strap and bclock frequency to 125 instead of 100. i didnt realize that once you go past 3000mhz on memory the you need to change that value from 100 to 125. the system is stable atm, but i would really like to take it a bit farther if possible.

- - - Updated - - -

also what are the sa and io voltages for? i have never messed with these in the past and dont understand what they do.
i was able to get a stable overclock of 4.5ghz (125x36) with a core voltage at 1.3823. everything else is on auto in the bios. is there any way i could push this chip a bit further? at this point do i need to change the fsb to higher frequency?
here are the results of the stress test i ran
2017-02-08-16h14-CpuUsage-CPU Usage.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN3.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN1.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN0.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VID.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VCORE.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-System Agent Offset.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-LLC-Ring.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-IA.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN4 (2).png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN4.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN13.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN12.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN11.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN10.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN9.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN8.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN7.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN6.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-GT Offset.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-CPU VCORE.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Temperature-Core #2.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Temperature-Core #1.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Temperature-Core #0.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Memory Usage-Memory Used.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Frequency-GPU #0.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Frequency-GPU #0 Mem.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Frequency-CPU #0.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Frequency-Bus.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Temperature-Core #3.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Temperature-Core #4.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-AVCC.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-3VCC.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-+12V.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-+5V.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-+3.3V.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Temperature-CPUTIN.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Temperature-CPU.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Temperature-Core #5.png 2017-02-08-16h14-Voltage-VIN14.png
also if i want to take the overclock higher do i need to mess with the system agent and i/o voltages or can i just leave those set to auto? do those voltages need to go higher as i increase the speed of my cpu?
also if i want to take the overclock higher do i need to mess with the system agent and i/o voltages or can i just leave those set to auto? do those voltages need to go higher as i increase the speed of my cpu?
those voltages are not related to your cpu clock... they are related to memory/imc.

I would leave it at 4.5 honestly...
those voltages are not related to your cpu clock... they are related to memory/imc.

I would leave it at 4.5 honestly...

i was honestly hoping to get it a bit higher, ah well. maybe with the next itteration of intel cpus