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Core Voltage... This isnt right...

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Nov 7, 2002
Perth, Australia
Well... after much advise from people already on the forum I went home, took off the heat sink, removed the sensor of my volcano 9 and set it to full ball.

I've reseated it twice now, both times taking the sink off to ensure that there was a nice even square of that cooling gel {not too much mind you} to ensure that it fully covers it.

In the mean time I switch the little OVER_VOLT1 jumper on my A7V8X to allow my to set the voltage ranges from 1.75 to 2.05 (in the "disabled" setting it allows range from 1.5 to 1.75).

I boot it back up, all works fine, I go to check the temp to see if its helped...

At IDLE my machine now says its running at 60 degree's {Asus probe}!!!! I didnt believe it, so I downloaded motherboard monitor. Sure enough, it took says 60 at idle. Checked the BIOS Hardware monitor {needed that little bit of extra proof}, and yeap. 60 degree's, IDLE!

Then I noticed it...

The VCore is reported to be at 2.05!! On both AsusProbe, Motherboard monitor AND the BIOS hardware monitor. I checked the BIOS CVoltage setting, yeap, its still at 1.75.

Um, yeah. So anyway, at this point I freak, turn the computer off. Switch the little jumper back to Disabled. I turned the computer back on, oh goodie, the idle temp is now at 52degree's and the Vcore is at 1.856 (again the BIOS says its still set too 1.75)

I thought XP2000+'s were supposed to be set by default to 1.75? Thats what the BIOS in my motherboard says anyway.

I guess this is whats causing the large amount of heat. My CPU is defaulting to a higher Core Voltage.

Anyone else heard of this happening? Any ideas on what I should do or should I just leave it and pray? :)

And yes, I found a 250PSU powersupply to be less than adequate. On full bore {the Volc 9 sits at 5324rpm} I get tiny little power spikes. I'm afraid to even turn my computer back on now with everything thats going on :p
Im an idiot, I just read the "Whats your core voltage at" poll. It seems that many people have these kinda voltages without any sort of modding.

Strange that im getting so much heat with a cooling rig like the volcano 9 :(
well, consider yourself lucky, you won't have to do a voltage mode on your MB.

I believe its behavior was to be expected.

You have set in the Bios the highest Vocore value, 1.75 and you have used the overvolt jumper which add .25Vvolt to the BIOS voltage.

what you should do is set up the bios voltage to the minimum and set the jumper, and then experiment.

REMEMBER, you should attempt overclocking without overvolting first, cranking up FSB, before muliplier.
It is only when experiencing unstability that you should up the voltage.
and sot on until the chip can't take it anymore

Do not forget either that the thermal output of the cPU is computed for a specific FSB and multiplier.

If you increase the FSB by 30 % and the voltage by 10%, you are going to increase (roughly) the heat by 1.3 * 1.1 = 1.43 => 43% above specs

=> superior cooling is mandatory
(but not always enough to prevent damage from long-term overvolting)