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Core voltage

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May 10, 2001
Hi everyone

This is my first post at this board, so here goes...

I am running an AMD Duron 650 on a Biostar M7VKB motherboard.
Does anyone know how I can raise the core voltage with this Mobo?
Are the L7 bridges on the processor really the only way?
If so, why bother with OC the FSB? If I have to fiddle with the L7 bridges to raise the core voltage I can change the multiplier as well anyway, right?

Thnx in advance
Hi there, welcome to overclockers.com! Nice to have u onboard.
So, what voltages are u running at right now? Are they 1.65V, or are they higher?
I have to admit, I don't know about the L7 bridges, cuz I have never done anything with them. But still I'm able to run at 1,85V. One thing I do know about the L7 bridges is that they will not allow u to change ur multiplier. That's the L1 bridges, that will need to be modded, before u can change the multiplier, unless ur CPU is unlocked from the factory. U can read more about how to unlock the multiplier at the link n2 gave ya.
It's better to overclock with the FSB then the multiplier, cuz then it isn't just the CPU that's running faster, but most of all the other components in the computer. That's why high FSB will perform better than a high multiplier.

I hope that could help ya, but feel free to post any other questions u might have, but before u do that I think u should look around in the forum, and maybe make a post search, to get u some quick answers.
Good luck, get that Duron to hit the gig!
See ya.
Thanks for the help guys!

But what it was all about was the fact whether I can change the voltage without even touching the processor or not. I know there are some motherboards allowing this by jumper/dipswitch/BIOS. But I’m not sure about my BIOSTAR M7VKB (there’s nothing in the manual as far as I know). I did a search on the boards, but with no result.
The point is that I am a bit reluctant to mod the bridges on the processor, but if it’s impossible to do it the mobo-way I’m afraid I’ll have to.

Thanks again
Well, go to ur Bios and see if u can find any options concerning the Core voltage. If u still can't find anything, try to look trough ur manual again, cuz I really thinks it's in there somewhere. U could also check the Biostar homepage.
good luck