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Core X9 - Where to put radiator?

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New Member
Mar 17, 2017
Looking for some input on the best way to assemble my new build.

Case: Thermaltake Core X9 - will adding an acrylic sheet to separate top and bottom sections, like this guy did
EX420 Triple Fan Radiator w/3 Phanteks PH-F140XP (256CFM total at full speed)
Thermaltake 200mm intake fan (130CFM)
D5 Pump/Cylinder res combo
EK-FC Titan X Pascal GPU block on 1080 Ti
Watercool Heatkiller IV CPU block (Darkside Edition) on 6700K @4.8GHz

I'm struggling with where to put the rad. Exhausting out of the top of the case would probably be best, but then I need to find a way to get more air into the case to maintain positive pressure. The only intake fan on the case is a 200mm fan at the front, which only moves 130CFM, so I'd need to find a way bring more air into the case. I could add intake fans to the top of the case, but then I'd have intake and exaust fans within inches of eachother, and could end up bringing the warm exhaust air right back into the case.

My other thought was to have the rad in the bottom of the case, where it would be isolated from components, as my case mod will effectively split the Core X9 into two cases.

What would you guys do?


"That Backfired" Senior Member
Jun 5, 2013
Go Blue!
I would just mount it to the top and add more input fans at the front and bottom of the case.


Dec 29, 2004
City of Sin
Had a core X9 previously and the amount of space made it a blessing and a curse. I tried numerous configurations with 2 x 240mm rads from one front and one top, both on bottom, but finally ended up then both rads on top but the amount of tubing needed was always what bugged me. Always had the pump on bottom as the lowest point. My last configuration ended up with using a water cool mo-ra 3 as it became the least amount of headache personally lol.

EDIT: just to add, when I had it in front I did have 2 fans behind in pull.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Tough case to use positive 'pressure'. I wouldn't bother honestly. If you mounted them up top you'd be blowing warmed air Into the case and there won't be enough exhaust.

Nkt sure there is room on the bottom for enough rad without mods...
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