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Oct 24, 2021
So I just changed the fluid in my pc. I noticed had had quite a bit of corrosion (?) on my fittings. IÂ’m a bit confused about what has caused this. IÂ’ve only used Mayhems X1 coolant. I thought it had corrosion inhibitors in it. I have used one of their blue dyes in my coolant for about a year. I ended replacing all my fittings and cleaning my rad out with vinegar and water. IÂ’ve refilled the loop and all is running well but I would like to know how to prevent this in the future. IÂ’ll attach some pictures. This system is only about 2.5 years old and the fluid has been changed 2 times previously.


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Please provide a link to the specific Mayhems X1 coolant used as well as the specific blue dye. If you used a concentrate instead of a pre-mix did you use distilled water or tap water to dilute the concentrate?

The coolants and dyes have all sorts of solids suspended in solution. If your mix was off (too concentrated) those solids fall out of solution & collect as scale deposits on surfaces.
I have only ever used distilled water to flush the loop and Mayhem's X1 premix in the loop itself.
I have only used Mayhem's premix and their dye in the loop. No tap water, only distilled water to flush radiator.

IMG_5586.jpg IMG_5587.jpg IMG_5588.jpg
What brand fittings are those? I would be more inclined to blame them than the fluid. Did you mix all those or are you just showing everything? The premix is supposed to be used alone.
The fittings are EKWB. I didn't mix any of the coolants. I used the square bottle and the dye when I first filled my loop. After draining the loop, I used the round bottle with no dye for the next coolant fill. That is all that has ever been in the loop.

I should also note that my loop uses all Thermaltake hard line PETG tubing. From what I have read, plasticizer should not be the problem. I'm leaning toward this being deposits left over from my radiator. I flushed it multiple times with water and vinegar and then followed with several more rounds of distilled water. I can't imagine anything was left in that radiator but thats about all I can guess. Maybe some sort of reaction from the fluid and the radiator.
The fittings are EKWB
That is your problem, I've had multiple ek products break down like that over the years. I stopped using ek and haven't had it since. Remove and replace your fittings with another brand like Monsoon or better yet Bitspower. Run a cleaner like Mayhem Blitz through the system a couple times then replace your tubing and you should be good. One thing to consider is that corrosion/buildup is most likely all over the system so I would open the blocks to clean them thoroughly and run the stronger blitz through your radiators to free up as much as possible. If it is still in something like the block or can be seen in the radiator ends I would replace them.