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Corsair 115i Pro Zero RPM all fans in case but still loud noise coming from pump

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Sep 17, 2018
Hello first post. I am really annoyed with this AIO. I shut off all fans, PSU 0rpm case fans 0rpm and Radiator fans zero rpm, yet the system is still loud. All the annoying cricket sound, I mean sheez its a pump why does it sound loud and noticable. If it made a nice fan type noise with air noise then fine. But this thing makes 25db noise and its just horrible. Oh and as for the Radiator fans, they sound like a cricket annoying sound instead of just air sound. Oh why did I go water cooling. I used to have a looped up thermaltake separate pump, and it made 0 noise, you had to stick your head in it and maybe you hear a little noise,, but a foot away or less it was silent. I thought we go liquid cooling to cut down noise and have a silent system, but this is not the case right now. Once again there are 2 case fans 0rpm, PSU zero rpm and Rad fans both zero rpm. But it is just so loud and annoying weird noise it makes. Its like a brrrr or grrrr cricket loud noise. I have no idea what to do maybe someone can guide me in right direction. Is this normal ? Because I was dead silent with a hyper evo with 1 fan spinning at 600rpm and my PC had no noise,, it was dead silent. I go AIO and the jet is ready for take off.

Anyhow I write this message to possibly warn others so they know what their getting themselves into with this cooler. Also to shed some light on me as to what I can do or can't do. Thank you much for reading this, I really appreciate it. This pump noise is just unbearable. :bang head
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You haven't mentioned anything about Corsair Link. Have you tried installing the factory software and setting it to Quiet mode? If so and it's still too noisy I would return it and just go back to the CM Hyper 212 Evo. They are great, inexpensive coolers and with the right fan mounted on them will be quieter than most any AIO. It's not surprising to me that the Corsair is louder. You have twice as many fans and a pump to deal with (even if the fans aren't running). JMO
You should have stuck with custom liquid cooling if that's what you were referring to in your post. When going into the AIO, it's usually more of a convenience and budgeted move and less of a headache than custom but with the trade off of being stuck with what you have, not the premium side of things and limited on heat surface, therefore you will have louder audibles to compensate that heat away as opposed to a bigger rad with lower RPM fans.

As Blay mentioned, it could also be the settings the fan's at and should take a look at CL and see what it says but it also could be a noisy fan of the bunch. Have to test it all to figure it out.
Oh , thank you for your reply Blaylock and GTXJackBauer Yes I installed Corsair iLink from the beginning. The PSU is at 0 rpm. Case fans are both shut off and Radiator fans are both at zero rpm and the pump speed is at 2100rpm ,,, , taking it to 1100rpm I hear no difference so I leave it at 2100rpm. Not to mentioned when I game I put it on performance since I wear HP's I don't mind. But in desktop I set Rad fans to 450rpm and 600rpm. and its a good point to set it to since it keeps things cool and noise level is low. I mean literally there are no fans spinning. Just the rpm spins its pump. Also the thermaltake was a long time ago before I got my Ivy E. it was a headache leaks etc, so I went with EVO. But recently I got this AIO + Corsair case and set the rad up top on top of case. Oh and amazing Rig you have.

Im at wits end... I used to have a thermaltake hard drive cage and there was literally no noise at 1200rpm or 1500rpm I can't remember. I set the PSU to 40 percent @ 800rpm and I can't hear it,, I have to really concentrate to hear it. While the Rad fans make the cricket nasty noise on top of the air noise.
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EDIT: I see now...still confusing a bit, what is what. But not sure that Thermaltake hard drive cages have to do with anything? Or a previous case? Maybe I need come caffeine. :)

Anyway, I have an H115i and it doesn't sound 'crickety' at any speed. Is the unit within the warranty period? If so, you may want to reach out to Corsair for an RMA.
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Have you considered that it might be a faulty unit?

It might be a good idea to contact Corsair. Also, are you sure it's not an air-bubble trapped in the motor?
Hi EarthDog, sorry about the thermaltake icage I just meant to say it was a 1200rpm and no noise. Its a honor having you respond my friend. Im glad to hear your not having my issues. I believe it is under warranty. So basically your pump is silent uh ? What about Rad fans,, just air noise uh. Glad to hear. So it must be a defective unit. I will call Corsair, Its been past a month Ive had this I know that much. I think I might buy another one. Because I can't go without a PC and wait for Corsair ,, to ship back wait to get return. Im going to take a video so you guys can hear the sound. Its in a isolated room, no room noise... I will turn off the rad fans to zero rpm, The intake fan and exhaust have no noise, Ive tried plugging them out,, I hear no difference all, just the pump acting stupid and the rad fans making annoying noise like I said. I can deal with air noise, but not cricket like noise. Im so glad and honored to get a message from you. I believe you about your 115i ,, so ya its time I buy a new one then send this one back.

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I think its defective GenkiM you guys are right. There is no reason why a pump should sound this nasty and the rads the same.
Its relatively silent, yes. I can barely hear the fans on the H115i, correct.

Boy, I feel like some ORGANIK fruit this morning.........
Ok, Im glad you have the same cooler. Im going to buy another one then RMA this one I guess. Thank you you really shed some light on the situation. I would have never guessed defective... Going to call Corsair now.
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