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Corsair 900D Custom Build 6700K with OC stable @ 4.7

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4.6 1.3V.

Will do that i forgot to put the 7 actually its running 1.38V now stable. having lot of trouble to put it much lower like this overview in the picture.

Anyway in bios i seem to found Extreme Twearker, Asus recommended to disable any advices?
Also with option multicore enchenment and cpu svid support?
Did they tell you or are you asking?

AS far as the rest, I never touched it.

i mean according to the bios setting description it says recommanded to disable for overclocking.

Any way finally find myself stabel at 1.38V any lowen and it will crash.

According to this picture i think 1.38V is alot? Or is this normal for this clock. need some proffesional opinion then only a picture.

Hi all,

i need some new help, when i use system stability test with aida 64 its ok on x47 clock on the cpu. and stock ram settings.

But once i enable XMP Profile 3000 ill get hardware failure in aida always within 10 minutes. Any ideas? I already tried XMP and set 1.35V on the Ram. no avail.

as written in the op i have the:
* 2 x Corsair Vengeance LPX XMP 16GB DDR4-3000CL 15 17-17-315 €230,-

i will try 1.36 tomorrow then. thanks!

Tried it even go up to 1.39 v and still qcode 55 any more ideas that I can try. Again I only have this problems when I enable xmp and it will automatically take 3000 mhz in bios.
i changed my corsair memory to kingston hyperx, xmp on, no problems,, **** never corsair again, they have alot incompatibility issues with z170. tomorrow ill change the hyperx 2666 @ CL15 to GSKILL 3000 @ CL 15