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Corsair H100iV2 VS X79 System, Will CPU Overpower it?

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Jun 5, 2021
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In my possession is an E5 1620 and a E5 2690v2. The 1620 runs fine under my water cooler, and maybe I just had my fans set up incorrectly the last time I tried to set this up (and I just took my entire PC apart and redid everything) so maybe it'll be different with things moved around, but will a 2690V2 overpower this cooler?

I understand "Don't know till u try" and whatever but I tried before and the thing would overheat pretty fast. IDK that these are hot chips, I just know I got the chip out of a server and it has the cores and cache I need SHOULD I need it. However the 4 core I have right now is doing good enough.

If anyone has info, I'd appreciate.

I saw a video ona 9900k OC'd that did fine on this cooler, but maybe someone has had experience.

I currently have 2 cooler master fans that came with my XB Evo as the fans on the rad and my 1620 is resting as 32C. I am in a sunroom, so I have plenty of cold air capacity if and wehn I need it, though I am hoping with my "new" R9 290 I can heat the room.

I'd imagine that AIO would be ok with those chips... depends on ambient temps amd case airflow, of course...but should be OK.
I'd imagine that AIO would be ok with those chips... depends on ambient temps amd case airflow, of course...but should be OK.

Ok. Maybe I just needed to remount it and didn't realize.

I used to watch a lot of experimental builds on YT. Things like 2011 chips were known as heaters with the bigger core counts back then, and the only other chips I am really familiar with are either laptop chips or P4 C2 era.

I got this machine sent to me from a friend on the Level1Techs forum, the only thing I have that otherwise fits is a Wraith Pro RGB just sitting on top of the socket. Which actually worked....

I'll give it a shot. I am going to be using this machine in my RV Van to heat it (it has an R9 290 and an R7 250X) and to have peak performance for the f of it. It just so happens RN I have the ability to do this, so why not. Now all I need to know is can I just pass through an NVMe drive to run a VM for tarkov and not have the game complain? And not just a sata controller?
I mean, it won't be great temps-wise. But, it shouldn't throttle (again depending on case airflow, ambient, etc).
Double check your thermal paste. Is it from an older tube still in use? The latest compounds offer a bit better conductivity than some older makes/models (guilty as charged). My son recommended Promilitech PK3, says it is pretty good (he's on an 11th gen Intel and 3070 w/AIOs.