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Corsair H115i Fan header question

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New Member
Jan 7, 2017
Hello all, first time poster here.

I recently build my new PC
ASUS TUF X99 Sabertooth MB
Intel i7 6800k Cpu
32Gb Corsair Vengeance 2400
Samsung 950 Pro M.2
Corsair H115i AIO Cooler ( replaced the stock corsair fans with Noctua nf 12 )
and other SSD drives

My quest for now is what is the best fan connection for the cooler, as in should I use the fan header cables from the pump and use Corsair Link ( this is what I have it as atm ), or use the fan headers on the MB. The one ones on the MB are a little confusing atm, the pump I have plugged into the CPU header ( not the CPU_OPT ). If I use headers on the MB for the fans do I plug them into the CPU_OPT header and what settings in the BIOS do I use.

I know this maybe a little obscure or even a silly question but any advise would be appreciated.

Thank you.


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
The pump is plugged into the correct header. If you want to use Corsair Link then the fans would need to be plugged into the pump which would be the normal mode of doing it. Beware, however that many have complained about the Corsair software being buggy. I don't know if Corsair has corrected those problems. If you use the motherboard headers and the fans are three wire fans you likely will not be able to control the fan speed from bios. That normally requires four wire fans.


AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
The latest version of Corsair Link is stable. I run my fans off the Corsair cable coming out of the block. Running then off the MB header is valid too.



New Member
Jan 7, 2017
Thx guys for the reply, both the fans I have connected to the pump headers are PWM from Noctua. Much more quieter I feel.