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corsair pc3200 cas2 enough bw for athlon xp 2100???

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Jun 27, 2002
Toronto, ON, Canada
Hey peeps, my primary rig is perfectly stable at the settings i have it right now, that includes default Vcore, so i guess i can oc it a little more with this air setup. Im pretty sure that the crap memory is holding me back because it wont run stable even with stock settings in the fsb and cpu and aggressive timings.

I was thinking about a corsair pc3000 512mb stick, and crankin up the vCore and oc straight to 181Mhz FSB but now that it costs the same as corsair pc3200 cas2 i see no point on it (Yeah, im fine with 55ºC on load so what???). So now i wanna buy the $5 unlocking kit (forgot where to get it btw, pls point it out for me) and take my chances with an SK7 and sunon 83CFM 80mm fan on a reobus, all along the pc3200 cas2 512mb stick.

Now i would hate to know i ditched $250 for nothing, my system is ok now but we overclockers always want more heheh :D . So the only performance botlenecks i can think of are either useless memory bw because of the cpu or the video card (which is going to be replaced by either r9500 or nv30 hehe).

Is all this hassle really worth it???

Thanks in advance...
Cullam3n said:
You should see an increase. PC3200=DDR400, which means that it should at least do 200 fsb and aggressive timings.



my whole point is to know if athlonxp really need this much bw, as p4s do...
Cullam3n said:
bw? I'm missing something here...


bandwidth. :)

PhobMX said:

my whole point is to know if athlonxp really need this much bw, as p4s do...

Listen to what Cullam3n says. If you get pc3200 corsair xms, then you'll have to get your FSB up to 200 to get the FULL benefit of the ram. Anything lower than 200 will still work but you won't be using it to it's fullest extent. If you get pc3000 corsair xms, then you'll have to get your FSB up to 185 to get the full benefit of the ram. And yes the Athlon XP does utilize the bandwidth provided by the memory depending on what speed memory you get and the FSB you are running at. So if you only plan to get to 181 FSB then you should ideally get pc3000 unless you plan to go higher than 185.
you know, its not a crime to sell your used stuff on ebay, or something.

i got the 3200XMS, and am just patiently waiting for a board with a 1//6 divider, so then i can just spend another $100 or so, selling this board, and run at least 200 FSB

i figure... memory is the most expensive peice of equipment ure gonna buy, so get the good stuff, and make it last.

btw, ive had this stuff @200 FSB once, adn the only thing holding me back is data corruption on the HDD... good stuff
About the bandwidth thing, the Athlon doesn't need bandwidth as badly as the P4 does. The Athlon is more of a number cruncher.
The Corsair ram is definitely worth it if you have a motherboard that can take full advantage of the ram. For example, if your going to be running at 150 MHz fsb its not worth spending $200. On the other hand if you have a KT333 board(1/5 divider)then this ram will really show its potential(provided you unlock).
with some chips you don't need to unlock to get the divider to kick in...with yours though...you will need to unlock it, but I agree, the PC3200 is best ONLY if you are going to push the CPU REALLY hard...if you can only get 180FSB, then I would stick with the PC3000 (unless the price has no difference)...the athlon can only use the bandwidth that its FSB allows, and if you are not REALLY up there in FSB, then you are wasting money
whoa!!! thnx for the replies guys, i guess that if pc3000 prices remain the same, ill play my chances and get the pc3200 + unlocking kit. That way the only drawback would me my hd, ive heard wd isnt high fsb lover anyhow, but my mobo has 1/5 divider, ill try it and post results :D
ARGH! You won't be unlocking that 2100XP without CUTTING a bridge, which is a DANGEROUS proposition.

Stick with a 1600XP or a low speed thoroughbred, such as the 1700XP t-bred that newegg had in stock a couple days ago and rumor says it will have it again on the 16th. Can anyone say 200fsb, 9.5 or 10x multiplier?