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Could I get a lower price than this?

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Apr 12, 2002
I have been planning watercooling my PC for some time now. I have finally settled on this case http://www.directron.com/9804.html .
For the watercooling components I was going to buy my pump and Radiator @ BEcooling and my Waterblock, Tubing, and clamps @ Cooltechnica. Here are a list of the components:
Maze3 Waterblock- $39.99@cooltechnica
7ft of 1/2ID Tubing- $.5/ft.@cooltechnica
Via Aqua 1300 W/ fittings- 21.99@BEcooling
Heatercore w/ fittings-34.99@BEcooling

I was thinking of replacing the pump with a MaxiJet 1200 but i want this to be an inline system and those are supposed to be a submerged pump. Am I wrong? What is the lowest price for this pump?

I am also willing to replace the Waterblock with anything cheaper with comparable performance (Maybe a pop can block but I am a little weary of mounting it).

Where would be the best place to buy fittings for the heatercore if i wanted to build my own?

Psstt.. Ill let you in on a secret. Many heater cores have 1/2 tubing for the barbs that taper out into a larger pipe diameter. If you just cut the barb behind the larger section, and 1/2 tubing will slip over no problem. No barbs needed.

Maskedgeek has been running his MaxiJet 1200 inline for some time now:
So a barb is all that is needed on the end of the MaxiJet?

PS What types of temps do you think I will be getting?
yup, heater core from the parts store in the neighborhood of $20 or less. just make sure you can fit it in your case somewhere. you might think of a full tower if you're buying a new case anyway and you want to watercool.
I was thinking of A Chieftech Aluminum Tower but the case I have shown I preferred becasue it is smaller and therefore easier to move around which I plan to do with this case.
the barb is a 1/2npt x 1/2hose barb shave offf most of the threads, but not all, just so it fits snuggly and jbweld or GOOP it in