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Could i push it?

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Oct 26, 2002
I need help! Could i push it?

How far could i push this bad boy...i dont wanna put any heat sinks or fans on it....im running a p3 850mhz and a ASUS p3b-f atx motherboard...how far could i push the CPU/DRAM and PCI Bus speed?

And what exactly is the CPU Core: BUS Frequence Multiple? Its in my ASUS booklet and showing me dipswitches...do i change that just like a changed the other ones? Stuff like 2.0x(2/1) i have no idea what that is, its at 5.0x(5/1) right now....
Please help my AIM sn is YourPimpOnline.
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Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
The CPU multiplier is locked, so changing that won't do anything. Besides, your 850 should be an 8.5X muliplier, not 5X (8.5X100 FSB=850 MHz), so you probably ought to change it to 8.5X. Not wanting to do any cooling sort of limits you. In my opinion, if you don't improve cooling, you shouldn't overclock it. About the best you can probably hope for without changing much is setting the FSB to 110 or 112 MHz (8.5X112 FSB=952 MHz).


Aug 16, 2002
St Louis, MO
yeah, without any cooling leave the FSB speed at 100mhz (PCI then at 33mhz). You can try to up the bus speed a few mhz and see what happens, if its runs stable than its not really a problem. Just dont overdo it and risk anything, a few mhz max is all id try....