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Could this be a PSU issue? wierd,

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Sep 29, 2002
o.k., after 48 hours of working on this motherboard , I finaly reformatted the drive, got the thing to boot up, and loaded the os. I got it online, then played until about 2:00a.m. on a game. shut it off, thinking, o.k., it has a bad memory slot, I am going to be calling them this morning for an RMA for sure anyhow, but check this out, this is where it gets wierd. I go to boot it up this morning, and it was dead, just like the other day, would not boot, it would not turn on, all's I had was the green light on the board, and the fans would start this time, ( not before) So I tap the proscessor, like a whack on the side of the ole t.v...............and YES< it booted.............not only that , the time is now , 7:07a.m., and the time clock for the system says it is 9.32p.m., January 1, 2002......go figure eh? Well, yes, I will be on the phone to the rma dept this morning and that makes 3 ASUS boards in a row, that have gone back to them .....P4S8X (version 1.02) P4S533-E , would not boot, now this one, no boot, and a dead memory slot and this story. :eek: Now, could this be a power supply issue? The temps for the proscessor are up to 48 and the voltages, are a little up but steady.
like vcore is supposed to be at 1.5, and is running at 1.584 12v is running at 12.16 and the +5 is at 5.053 and the +3.3v line is showing 3.3238 the mb temp is 33c and the cpu is at 47c now....... I think there is a short somewhere..........