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could this harm any thing?

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Jun 22, 2002
Asheville, NC
i have 2 XP 1600+, but i can only keep one... i DONT want to unlock it, at least not right now... so is it ok to just leave the FSB at like 170 ish and put one in... see if it will post then try the other? and wichever OC's the best keep that one? i would prolly put the FSB at like 133 at first to make sure it will work period then try the 170... is tha a very bad idea? one i know is AGOIA or whtever cuz iahve it already ehr other is cooming soon... i am build a ssy for a friend who is nto planing on OC'ing so i figured i could jsut take the better fo the 2 since i ordered one for myself too.... plz lemme know what u think:D :eh?: :D
good cuz i jsut did it! noe i have the 2100+ equivilent! no unlocking! but my PSU got a lot louder... i ran #D mark and when it ran the test the fan in it (tem contolled) would rev up... is this cormal? maybe the new CPU takes more juics?
:D :eh?: :D ... now to tweak the FSB
Sounds like he has a thermally controlled fan.
Yes, going from default (1.4) to (1.7+) on an XP1600 will take quite a bit more juice, and generate quite a bit more heat. but if you've a good PSU and heatsink, you'll be fine.
i think i said i had a theramlly controlled PSU fan.... meh well ya my temps did jsut about 5C! but i need to lower the voltage.. i think i canget away with less:D :eh?: :D ... oh i said Them controlled, ment thermally but ithinki forgot a period for abb. meh