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Counter-Strike 1.6

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sweet. Is it gonan add the weapons and stuff for CZ support or is heir gonna be another release before CZ?
I have no idea what is going to be diffrent ... if anything.
But Im pretty sure its the last update before Condition Zero comes out.
Anyone know what will be in this version? And when is Condition Zero supposed to be coming out?
any link ??? 1.6 is supposed to be the last patch in CS series than CZ will come so i guess CZ is close, btw is it only me or there are more people who are not that excited over CZ anymore?
hmmm is it still gonna be running on the hl engine. Too many hacks now.. Tho i guess anything is hackable nowadays... :(

LOOOL some tiiight new weapons!! Riot Shield???? Ahahahah :p

Lookie Here
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CZ is gonna be compatible with CS in multiplayer. Thats why they need to patch CS with the new weapons.
Personally I think 1.6 is pretty much pointless. I feel it's mainly for valve to test their new technology before they release CZ, and to keep intrest in the game.

The only fix or addition I find actually important, is the sound problem. Everytime a patch has come out I have looked for the sound and resolution problem to be fixed. One down one to go I guess.
GAAA...every update since 1.3 has SUCKED. the only thing they need to update is the cheat detector...

i hate the idea that they are adding new weapons and the shield..which is soooo stupid. if they want to test how people like the CZ stuff...BRING OUT CZ!!!! dont mess up CS in order to test a different product

btw, CZ is supposed to be bundled with TFC2, so we can all hope for that....(quote from Namagomi.)

p.s. anyone notice this is the 4th release date for cz...im guessing it hasnt clicked yet people
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There will be two versions of CZ

1. Retail which will contain better textures and other goodies

2. Patch which will update your previous copy of CS to CZ
CS will NOT be updated to CZ. It WILL be updated to be COMPATIBLE with CZ. CZ is gonna have single Player and all sorts of stuff.
ARG!!! 1.6 is NOT gonna be worthless. Read about it before you make a stupid post. Gonna be 2 new weapons and a riot shield (which should be intresting at least) The weapon I'm looking forward to is the Galil. A real Galil's would be more accurate than a Colt m4, and would also hold 35 rounds. Galils are offered in 5.56/.223 as well as 7.62, so I'm hoping they are gonna make it 7.62, as CS has too many 5.56 weapons as it, and the Galil would be a nice unsilenced 7.62 assult rifle for the CTs. The other new weapon, the FAMAS, will, I predict be just like the P90 in a rifle round and a smaller mag. Damn fast, but should be inaccurate. I can't wait, personally.[/

read the quote, namagomi couldnt load the site...so this is actually coming from him
they are also adding an RPG, but it can only hold 1 grenade and cannot buy more than one. Also, there is supposed to be a new Machine Gun that becomes more accurate as you fire