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Couple cooling questions I'd like to ask

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Mar 10, 2001
Cleveland, TN
I am still 'researching' information before I start buying the parts for building my new system. What I would like to know is this:

1. thermal monitors does it matter which one i use? Which ones are best..which are easiest to use?

2. Heat rises, right? soo..is there a fan made that would fit in the 5 1/4 bay below my cd-rom and suck the heat OUT of the case? Or am i going to have to be creative and make one myself...

3. Why do you use celcius instead of Fahrenhiet?

4.I'm sure there are more, but they are alluding me at this time :D

Thanks for ALL the information you guys/gals ahve compiled here. I already knew quite a bit, but didnt realize just how much i didnt.

I've built a couple systems(4) this is what i am thinking of building for myself.

Duron 800 or T-bird 800
abit kt7a(maybe RAID maybe not)
kingmax tiny bga pc150 128mb sdram
geforce3<i wish :)~
current agp until i can upgrade to a geforce2
voodoo3 3000
sb/live xgamer5.1( is the platinum really worth the extra $ )

I plan to OC it to around 1 ghz.
1. Thermal monitors come with the motherboard software usually, at least mine did with my asus cusl2.

2. Yes they make 5 1/4 bay coolers. Try www.3dcool.com www.coolchips.com or any of the other ones. However with good circulation the heat will never get a chance to rise, at least thats my belief. Other people cut a hole on the top of there cases for a fan.

3. Celcius is international. Most monitors will show Celcius and Fernheit though.

4. Keep the questions comming, you'll find a lot of experience and know how in this forum (not talking about myself).
Software thermal monitor - Motherboard Monitor v5
Hardware fan/temp monitor - Digital Doc 5

Hard drive or "Bay Cooler" - usually blow into case but just turn fans around to exhaust from case - not very powerful though. Hard core overclockers cut "blow holes" in the top and put an exhaust fan there.

No real reason for C as opposed to F, people use both - but usually folks from Europe use Centigrade.
Just get a case with a rear mount exhaust fan and you will be fan. make a blowhole if you feel the need to. Just remember, the amount of air you pump into your should equal the amout of air you put out, else you are wasting your time. A few CFMs is no big deal, but say you had two 80 CFM fans blowing out and one 40 CFM fan blowing in, you are just wasting your time as you are only going to move 40 cfm's of air. On the celsius thing, just a more universal thing to measure in. You get used to it after a while.
1. MBM5 - almost universal

2. The only problem with case fans blowing out on the front of the case is noise - put a baffle on the exaust fan and you should be able to live with it.

3. I am a scientist, celcius makes more sense, besides, the US is stuck using this idiotic mesurement system and we should just stop.

4. Ask and we shall answer....
Thanks for the replies. Is there a specific way to take the ambient temp inside the case? best location etc etc?
I've since removed the lower part of the plastic facing of my current system to expose the front exhaust fan(80mm).Before it was fairly well covered and only a few small holes in the bottom of the plastic(thus little air movement).

and here is a shot of inside my case. Remember this is my OLD system. Soyo 5ema+ 500mhz amd k6-2. nothing special, just dependable.