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CPU AMD 1.2 266bus Temperature probs.....

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Mar 24, 2001
Staten Island , New York
Hi I must have posted a zillian times any way In my bios A7v133 my 1.2GHZ AXIA 266FSB AMD TB Reads at 48.5c 119f then on my ASUS Probe which is updated to latest version reads me at 63c 142f. I got a good ATX box with good ventelation and a COOL master Fan I did have it Over Clocked for like 5 hrs @ 1.4 then i put it back today to see Temps and stuff I orderd a $26 GLOBAL win fan @ millisec site and Artc2 thermal gel it should be here any day how can i fix my heating problem. I had 2 copper Screws on the back of the ATX Box when i place the mother board the MB was laying on those 2 screws and the guy keeps saying you break it copper screw he says. I duno if thats what created my Problem or what plz reply to this ASAP...ty
As hard as this it may be, hold off running until you get the new heatsink and ArcticSilver. Make certain that you remove the thermal interface pad that may be on the Globalwin. as well as adhesive residue. Then, let us know what your temps look like.