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cpu and case

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Jun 11, 2001
Billings MT
I just built a new computer and have been having problems with the motherboard and cpu temps.

Right now the CPU is at 120F and the MB temp is 86F the room temp is
I have got an Axion Explorer 3 case
a sparkel 400w atx PS
1 fan in at bottom and 1 out under the power supply

I am pulling my hair out trying to get this thing to run at anything under
120F for the CPU I am running a Cooler Master DP5-6H51 HS/F.

Asus A7V133
Duron 800@900

Welcome to the forum

Your tempratures dont appear to be terrible for a Duron as 120 f is about 50 c from my memory (we talk degree's here for future refrence) however it could be lower, and it is something that I would try for.. was the temprature you quoted taken at idle or on load ?.
Please try to give us as much information on your system as possible.
Duron 800 @ 1050 with Global Win FOP-32 (140 x 7.5)
Abit KT7A-Raid Mobo
512 mb (Crucial Stuff CAS 2)
Hard Drive Cooler
Elsa Eraser X2 Gforce with Blue Orb (modified to display as a Quadro and overclocked http://www.tweakhardware.com/guide/quadro/ )
Sound Blaster Live Value
Full Tower with 5 (120 mm) case fans with seperate PSU
The temp I gave was with IE 6 and motherboard monitor running along with my firewall.I have been doing alot of reading on 2 or 3 diff over clocking forums and right now one of you could look at the wires and case setup and say it was good. But I am at a loss because my temps don't change when I take the cover off of my computer.
I have been looking at a new HS/F combo to help cool my CPU but 50$ is a lot by the time I add the paste.
Buy a $20 GlobalWin FOP32 and a $3 tube of Radio Shack thermal paste. If you can't afford to cool that puppy, then you can't afford to overclock. Take the case off and direct an AC fan into the innards. If temps drop, you need more cooling. Please use Celsius when reporting temps. Welcome to the forum and good luck.
I take it that temp reading was basically at idle.

I don't think the temps would drop with the covers off, 86F (30 C) case temp doesn't sound too bad if your ambient is 78F (25-26C)... given that you only have 2 case fans. The problem, if anything, would be in the chip cooling. I don't know much about that particular chip cooler, but I would think either: it is not getting good contact with the chip (just reseat HS and make sure paste is applied correctly).. or its not good enough to get the job done (purchase better cooling).

If it turns out to be the latter, getting chip cooling that will withstand OCing, especially on an AMD, will be tough to do on a limited budget. You might have to take a hit now of 40 bucks or so and be assured the chip will stay cool. :)
Well I have taken the cover off of the computer and the temp still show 48 for the processor and 30 for the motherboard room temp is 22 not any drop at all If I take and point a house fan at it the MB goes to 24 and the processor goes to 43 after about 5 min.
Right now the 2 fans I am using are Sparkle DF12088BB-3 I can find any info on them and the place that where I got them don't have the specs. Should i just get some high CFM fans to get more air in and out of the case along with a new HS/F
Well the way I look at it is if I got to spend $100 to get new fans and cooler then so be it I dint get this setup to let it sit and not work for every cent that I put into it I have been looking at the ThermoEngine "super-charged or the Taisol Socket A w/ the Delta fan upgrade and I will be using arctic silver for paste.
I recommend replacing those two 80mm case fans with a pair of Sanyo Denki Mini Ace 32 fans. They are 92mmx32mm 55 cfm fans. They will provide you with adequate thru-case airflow. The price of admission is modding the case fan openings up from 80mm to 92mm. A hand drill and nibbler do a respectable job. These fans deliver more airflow for noise than any other form factor that can be reasonably implemented.

Second, do consider a different HSF. The ThermalRight SK-6 is a good one with an acceptable noise level. The Millenium Glaciator promises to be a great HSF also. The difference in price, between them, is only a few dollars. The SK-6 looks like it can be adapted to a quieter 80mm fan with a small effort.

I have a few of the Sanyo Denki Mini Ace 32 fans that Hoot recomended in one of my cases and they are great. Two of them in a case will vastly improve air flow.

Also after haveing had an A7V133 and a A7V + a few of my friends have them to. I can tell you that the temperature readout of those boards is pitifull usually much higher then what the cpu is really running at. I would recomend getting a compu-nurse which is a digital thermometer with a temp probe that you can put against the core. They are only about 15 bucks, a small amount of money to protect your investment. and this is the only way you are ever going to know what temp you are really running at.
Well I just ordered the Taisol Socket a HS/F w/ the ys fan upgrade when it gets in and I get it in stalled I will let you know what the temps are.Thanks for all the help.
With all the info on this site I have been doing alot of reading and it looks like I have found a site that I can get some real help.
I will look into getting the new fans at a later date but for now I need to keep my system up and running most of the time.

Duron 800@900 for now
jrbob (Jun 12, 2001 12:16 a.m.):
With all the info on this site I have been doing alot of reading and it looks like I have found a site that I can get some real help.

Ya this place is the best and there are a lot of great people here that will do there best to help out.

I have been to a few other boards that will remain nameless. Flame wars and bragging seem to be the norm with no real content.