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cpu and heatsink

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Sep 7, 2002
i just removed my heatsink and cpu.
corner and side of cpu is a little chipped, but not too big.
is this a bad sign?

also, the bottom of the heatsink where the core was
seems all scratched up after i removed the as3. is that bad?
or is that normal? i remember it being pretty smooth and
shinning before....
I chipped a tiny, next to invisible bit of the upper side of core on my 1200 it still seems to work. chipping the core isn't good, its a sign you have to be more carefull when next mounting or unmounting the heatsink. also scrachted surface on the heatsink will imacpt performance, if its really noticable to the touch (move a fingernail across the heatsink) then you should lap it to get rid of it
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as far as i knwo as long as it still works it is ok, i have mine lil' chipped... dose any one knwo if thois could hinder an OC'? i woudl imagin no, but you never know:D :eh?: :D
Chipped CPU means less surface area, so it might impact your temps, depends on how much is chipped off. But generally I don't think that it should impact the ability to OC unless its dead :p