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cpu fsb decision.

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Dec 24, 2001
ok i hope i dont start getting on peoples nerves with questions.
sorry if i do, i know i ask alot,and most are dumb.

so heres my next round of dumb questions.

im trying to find a max my system will run and at the highest speed without being over 50c while folding.ive done all the tests and one might blow you away or just confirm a feeling.

what i need to know is which settings would u run? ill list the ones i can do.stock isnt an option,even tho i know u wouldnt sujjest it :D

1. 179fsbX11=1963mhz good for folding.very stable.
2. 148fsb mem 4:5 ratio 13.5 multi is like 2ghz gets hot but is ok,will need to undo my unlock tho
3. this one amazes me 202X9=1825mhz @1.65v dead stable

it needs to be folding and those 3 seem my best options.and i know fsb is much better than mhz but does it apply to folding?

now for some bragging! woooohoooooo my corsair 2100 is doing 202 fsb dead stable. 2.5-3-3 settings.its folding now also.even tho its an acclishment to do this it just seems weird to not be seeing close to 2ghz on mbm.

i do need to try a few more setting changes to try and rob a few more mhz outa 202fsb. still working around this high fsb setting.

just give me some fast thoughts on this isssue as on the first im buying new ram anyhow and start all over so dont rack something thinking for me,but for now its important to me.
thanks folks!


Oct 3, 2002
Louisiana Tech University
I've been under the impression that more Mhz = better folding. Folding takes advantage of your spare CPU cycles so if you've got more cycles to spare, that means more folding.


Sep 8, 2001
In the Dark!!
This is funny!!:) ive been messing trying to get a higher fsb with my setup in my sig, now i can do 11 x 177 = 1.94G @ 1.82v stable (which is wot i've been running up to tonight) and then i go and find i can get 9 x 197 = 1.77G @ 1.7v stable, So im kinda stuck as to which way to go myself! go back to the 154mhz cpu overclock + 22Mhz fsb overclock or stick with a 23Mhz underclock + 68Mhz fsb overclock - taking into account the overall fsb improvement!