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CPU Heat UP?

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New Member
Nov 12, 2001
This is strange to me but tonight I reinstalled MBM and noticed that when I turned up the speed to the blower my the CPU usage would go from around 5-14% all the way up to 75% just because of the better cooling?
I was hoping that someone could give me some insight to this?
Does MBM5 cause this?
Dont know if this matters but oh well.....its a KG-7 Raid and a 1400
i had similar problems, but it happened after installing certain software (a p2p program w/ ****load of spyware .. u get the idea) .. it kepet my cpu worked in the background .. dunno how .. but things got okay as soon as I uninstalled the software and disable the spyware's startup (using msconfig command) .. try it ..

if u're using win XP, pressing ctrl+alt+del will bring up task manager window, look on the cpu usage tab, at idle, "system idle" usually runs at 98-99%. If something weird program used the cpu a lot, try finding out what the heck it(they) is(are) .. if it's positively spyware ... kick them *** :)