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cpu heatsink fan

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Oct 7, 2008
I've got a xigmatek s963 on my e8400.the larger sides face up & down in my apevia x-discovery case with the slimmer sides facing front & rear.My fan is sitting on the bottom blowing air onto the heatsink or sucking air in through the fins.I always thought that You would want the fan mounted so that it was blowing the hot air away from the heatsink.Is it possible to rotate the heatsink 90 degrees?I got 2 80mm fans drawing air in through the front then over my drives if I could position heatsink with the larger side with fan toward front the fan could catch that air push it through the heatsink fins & then my rear exhaust could catch that & out goes the hot air.I also have an 80mm side window fan blowing air directly on top of heatsink(dont think there is enough clearance between this fan & heatsink for a 120mm heatsink).Also have a pci slot blower under my videocard.I'm ocing & trying to keep temps down.processor temps OK but individual core temps can get hot.


Mar 13, 2006
Generally speaking the fan must blow onto fins and this way is cooling MB a little bit too.
You can try both configs, suck air and blow air and see which is better for your setup.
That PCI slot blower is almost useless. I've had one once in the past and beside noise he didn't do anything to my temps.