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CPU Heatsink

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Apr 23, 2001
I know this sounds retarded, but can someone plaease tell me how to remove the heatsink from a k7 700 slot a and install a golden orb? I don't want to ruin my cpu by trying to force the heatsink off, because it is only 2 weeks old.
Why's that? Thats not right, I ask for help and get a smart remark. Boy that remark sure helped me figure things out Hoot.
PG, I failed to look at the number of posts you have. Having read everything I could get my eyes on, regarding cooling, in the past 6 months or so, I have gotten the impression that the Orb was considered the "Cur" of the HSFs. The two prevailing reasons most often encountered are that they are only so-so at cooling and more important, their retention system is a well known killer of CPU cores. Probably more than any other HSF. Now that I've explained the punch line, it is subsequently lost.

Hello PG. I don't have any experience with AMD's since the K-2 266. I guess either the HSF came installed or someone else put it on? Sorry I'm not much help but with my intel HSF I just reversed the installation. Press down on the retaining clip just enough to slide the "slot" in the clip over the little tab on the CPU socket which is sticking through it. Unless it uses a different type of fastening system. Check manufacturers website if known.
You may want to browse through the cooling section of the Tips and Techniques link on the OC.com home page. If you haven'y already done so, read the beginners guides. I think most of us refer to the beginners guides a lot. At least I do.
If you haven't already got the GORB, get something else instead. Swiftech makes excellent HSFs. They have the simplest and safest mounting system I have seen. Most everybody here gives them a thumbs down for overclocking. You could use it with some Arctic Silver adhesive on your video card or chipset though.
Good luck!
Good luck
Bad Hoot! You know better.
If you stick around this forum you will find almost all of us are very respectful nice people. We just get a little slaphappy sometimes. As someone who is familiar with Hoot's posts I assure you he meant to be funny not smartass.
Slake told you right, clips vary but you should be able to figure it out by looking at it. Most heat sinks now come with instructions with pictures that show how to install and remove. The Golden Orb does have a bad reputation, the only thing going for it is it is pretty. I am happy with my Global Win. The other thing you should do is remove the stock thermal pad that comes on the heat sink. Scrape off what you can and then use a solvent like acetone to remove the rest. You should then apply a little of a good thermal compound like Arctic Silver. This will give you much better cooling. There are many tips on the OC home page that detail how to do this.
I have already bought the orb. I don't plan to oc for awhile. When I bought the CPU it was supposed to be OEM, so I went ahead and got the orb. When the CPU arrived it was retail and came with the fan. If the orb will cool any better than the retail I want to install it so that I didn't waste the money on the orb. Thermaltake's site shows how to install every style except the slot a.
Slot A? oops, I missed that part. I do not have one of those and really do not know. Maybe one of the other manufacturors have one with a similar clip and has instructions. I am sure it is simple, you just have to be carefull and not force it. I am also sure that someone else has one and could probably tell you more.
PG, I found this link which shows GORB installation on a socket A . It has illustrations which show 4 retention clips. http://www.coolerguys.com/HowTo/Ahtlon7/Athlon7.htm
You should be able to just do the reverse engineering number to remove your stock Heatsink.
Hope this helps!
Oh, and like Ridenow said Hoot is ,,.. well a Hoot!
jes' one big happy fambly here. 8)
P.S.- I guess the slot A GORB is a little bulky to use on your chipset or vid card. LOL!
Yes-I have a K7 600 sot-umm got a GORB-they chip the living F**K off the corner of the chips-ummm look at my signature ITS DEAD they ar THE WORST-also dont mean to be rude but take Hoot's posts and subtract yours from that and he still has over 1000-also hes a senior-ergo he knows his stuff
the best cooler for the slot A athlon is the Global Win VOS 32+, it is huge so make sure you have room, you will likely loose a dimm or 2
i too have a k7 600 slot-a. i jus bought a hsf from coolerguys .com. comes with dual 21cfm fans. its called the k7m moodified hsf, coolerguy moved one of the fans over so u will not lose a dimm slot. havent read any reviews but at least you keep yur dimm slot and u get dual fans... $19.95
hope it helps