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CPU is not utilizing 100% while stress testing CPU.

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New Member
Feb 15, 2017
CPU is not utilizing 100% while stress testing CPU. Utilization stuck at 34%. I have tested with AIDA64,Prime95. But it is showing the same result. And My CPU temperature is not rising above 42-43C degree.

CPU- FX 8350
GPU- Zotac 960 4GB

You may be getting thermal throttling due to the CPU drawing more power than the motherboard is designed to provide.

970 chipsets are not a good choice for an 8 core FX CPU. Yes, I know you will tell me, "but my CPU is listed as compatible with this motherboard." And technically, it is. It does run. Just not at full speed.

Also, MSI motherboards in general, even the ones with 990FX chipsets are not a good match for the FX 8 core CPUs. MSI motherboards just do not have power phase components that are strong enough for this task. There are only a handful of motherboards that we would recommend pairing with an FX-8350 and none of them are made by MSI. The best one is probably the Asus Sabertooth.

Finally, Kingston RAM notoriously does not play well with AMD motherboards and CPUs. That is also well-known.

Are you overclocking this CPU?

The experienced overclockers on this forum will echo what I have told you.
Perhaps it's vrm throttling if your cpu temps are good as you say. How long does it take to see the throttling?
Sometimes web browser is throttling and some of games are not getting enough FPS. I will give a try by reseating the CPU.

And I am not so much familiar with that VRM thing. I dont know much about it. XD
Please do this.. download and install hwmonitor. With that program open, start a stress test. Have it run for 15 mins or so. Stop the test. Take a screenshot, host it here at the site, and show us what it looks like. :)
First thing disable APM in the BIOS if you have it. Post up some screen shots of HWMonitor free while testing with p95. ALso add CPUz main and memory tabs so we can have a look.
The 970 chipset isn't necessarily the culprit it's putting them on cheap boards. There are some good ones out there but not many.
Wow looks like it's stuck in throttle mode. Does it read 4000 at idle in CPUz
For now can you go into system and set windows power option to max performance? Right now you CPU is down clocking at idle. That's normal but it should speed up when under load. You'll also need to Disable cool and quiet, C6 and C1E in the bios
How many sticks of RAM are you running? You have your memory in single channel mode.

Also, what bios version are you using? Is there a later version available from MSI for your motherboard? The "Motherboard" tab in CPU-z will show the bios version you are currently running.
Okay....my problem is solved.. Slow Mode was turned on motherboard. Now it is fine. Thank you all of you.
Weird I thought about that but really didn't think that board would have it. That's usually reserved for LN2 benching boards. Glad you noticed. I only thought that because I have done it in the past
@ Trents he only has one stick of ram it looks like
Actually single vs dual channel performance has been shown many times. Sure there's a loss of bandwidth but in many scenarios (gaming) the performance hit is very negligible.