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CPU = Maxed, I know it's been asked b4 :/

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Aug 9, 2002
Brockton MA
Sorry, I see em all the time, but I'd just like to re-assure myself.

After fooling with the BIOS and burning in for some time now, I think I've maxxed my CPU. I've gotten to the 150-155mhz FSB range. It's only a B0 stepping, and SL6EU, nothing magical about it. But I'd like to make sure it's my CPU that's maxxed, and not my mobo.

I checked the CPU Database, and checked out the FSBs obtained by both the SL6EU stepping CPUs, and the Asus P4PE m/b's.

The min and max FSBs for the SL6EU's are 150mhz and 164mhz - with the median being 156mhz.

The min and max FSBs for the P4PE's are 150mhz and 182mhz - with the median being 167mhz.

So is it fair to assume that my chip is at it's limits? I know I could bump the vCore, but it prolly won't get me much, if any. So no reason to run it hotter, for just a lil bit o' mhz.

- Again sorry for the thread, and thanks for your time.


Dec 4, 2002
well what vcore are you at now???if its at default,then there is now harm going to 1.650vcore you should be able to get 160 fsb if you are still at default vcore