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Cpu o/c..Memory Timing

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New Member
Dec 14, 2003
AMD 2800+ Barton
512M PC3200 DDR400(Samsung)
Giga-Byte 7S748-SIS748
256M Winfast-A310 TD-GF FX5600
WinXP Pro
Swiftech MCX462-V/Vantec Tornado 80mm

Memory Timings: Auto-6T-3T-3T

What would be the ideal timing for best performance , i've tried searching the board numerous times but cant find much , help would be appreciated.
Also how much should I o/c my 2800+ , not too good at all this dont wanna do something im gonna regret later on :(


May 25, 2003
Well, first off, try notching down all of your timings, try 2-3-3-9 for now, run memtest86 or whatever u want. If you get errors, either increase voltage or increase latency.


Jun 22, 2002
Beijing, China
The lowest possible without errors. Like everclock said just try it low and move up, but I wouldnt start the last one at 9, more like 7 or 6. If you lose a few FSB in order to keep low latency do it, in most situations latency gives you more of a preformance gain than a few FSB. As for OCing your 2800 start moving your FSB up until it becomes unstable. You might also want to lower your FSB and change the multi up a notch then continue to rais your FSB if your motherboard or memory is limiting your processor.

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Normal Member
Sep 7, 2003
Overclocking the 2800 can be done two ways, increasing the multiplier, or the FSB. if it is locked, then you can only change the FSB.

Changing the FSB relies on three things. The CPU mostly, then the RAM, then the northbridge.

I think that you have good enough ram to be able to OC the FSB of your processor. Make sure you have good cooling, and know how to reset the CMOS.

But read more before you do serious OCing.