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Cpu Ratio problem

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Mar 7, 2008
Hi everyone

Last night i changed my somewhat mild overclock in a different direction and came up with a strange result.

Before i had CPU @ x12 with 215 on the FSB and my memory running at 860mhz.

I wanted to push the FSB up without stressing the Memory anymore and so lowered the Memory main frequency from 800mhz to 667mhz

I then moved the CPU multi to x11 and upped the FSB to 245 (2.7ghz)
and the memory is now @ 757mhz .

1) Good post, shows 2.7GHZ
2) Get into windows lovely
3) Turn on Prime and Core temp

CORE TEMP Shows 2.94GHZ ?? thought hmmmmmmm looked at System Device Manager 2.94GHZ ??

Why if i have changed the multi to 11 has the computer despite showing the correct speed on post reverted to x12 in the Windows enviroment.

I really would like help on this one guys :bang head
It's a bug, those programs just use the default multiplier not the actual one.

Is that the case for the system device manager as well?

Is there another program i could use to accurately measure the CPU speed?

CPU-Z gets picked up as a trojan by AVG-Anti virus so i want to steer clear of that one.
I don't know about the virus warning, but CPU-z is the program of choice. Try downloading a new copy from their website.
:eek:Hmmm updated AVG only last night and it picked it up then.

Oh well will use CPU-Z and ignore the threat then

thanks again guys
Try to redownload cpu-z. It's the best program i know of to monitor cpu and ram speed. I have avg installed and have no problems with cpu-z.