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Cpu running Temp

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Mar 22, 2001
I just built a new system yesterday.. 1.33 athlon with Msi DDR board and 256 megs of Crucial DDR ram. My bios says that my cpu temp is around 49-51c and system temp is around 39-40c ish. I was wondering if this is alright for my system, and will not burn the chip up. I have a heavy duty fan on the chip, so Im pretty sure that is covered.

P.S. Im kinda new to the building of comps, so any replys would be greatly appricated.

You might want to get that system temp down a bit. The CPU temp will respond in kind. What is the temp of the room where your PC is operating? If it is high, the system temp will be proportionally high, as well as the CPU. They all interelate. If you room temp is more than 5C below your system temp, then you will profit from better case ventillation. An easy test is to run your PC with the cover off and see how much difference in temps you observe.

Im kinda wondering too if this is too high? I mean is this pretty much a temp that wont harm, yet could be better? Or is it something that could prove dangerous and mess up the chip?

Thanks again
No, it won't fry your CPU or anything like that, it's just a matter of personal preference.

I would just add some better case ventalation. Get that hot air out of the case. Or go with water cooling, it's always an option. :)
I would also suggest, to get a bit better case cooling.
The temps won´t harm anything, but they will perhaps prevent you from get the max. out of your CPU, and it will negatively affect CPU-life