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CPU runs hotter in suspend mode?!?!?!

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New Member
Jun 16, 2001
ABIT KT7E + Durin 700 (running @ 700 -- need better cooling to o/c and I just have not decided what to get.)

At least that is what the VIA monitoring software reports. The system runs at 40-44c under normal load, about 48c under the torture test. But when the system goes into suspend mode for a while, when I bring it back the software reports 51c or so. Within a few seconds that numbers starts falling back into the normal range.

Is the fan being slowed down? If the software getting bogus readings?

I've turn off the doze/suspend option but I'd still like to know what the cause is.

to get to the bottom of this when its in suspend mode and running hot feel the HSF and see if it is actually hot, this will tell you if its a software issue. Also if you could watch it when it goes into suspend mode you could see if the fan actualy slows down. cant actually offer advise that nails it down but this might help.

I know my K6-2 system is set to shut down its' fans in suspend mode, chances are this is what's happening to you.
I am thinking this is a fan thing. And on the bios thing, i think it is kinda close to load, the temps i get in the bios are higher than in windows, but not quite as high when the computer runs folding.